Mom shocked after all 3 of her girls are born on the same date 3 years apart

It’s rare for two siblings born on the same day, but three sisters sharing the same birthday three years apart is almost unheard of. Nevertheless, That’s what happened to Kristin Lammert’s family in Oviedo, Florida.

Her daughters, Sophia, Giuliana, and Mia, all share the same birthday on August 25th.

Kristin believes this unique occurrence was more than coincidence and may be divine intervention. Sophia was born in 2015 and Giuliana was born 3 years later in 2018. Kristin’s third child was due on September 8th, but Kristin had a feeling that her baby would be born on the same day as her older sisters.

Doctor’s monitored Kristen closely after she contracted Covid-19 while pregnant with Mia. Her doctor had warned her that she could give birth up to two weeks early. Kristin did the math and realized her children could all share the same birthday. Sure enough, Mia was born on August 25th, 2021.

Despite having pre-eclampsia, Mia was born healthy and was soon welcomed into the family by her two older sisters. The Lammert family even held Sophia and Giuliana’s birthday party a week earlier, as they suspected Mia might arrive early.

The three sisters now share a unique bond and are rarely seen apart. Kristin and Nick still can’t believe they have three daughters who share the same birthday but feel blessed and grateful for their beautiful family.

Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible trio of sisters!

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