Mom shows off a year’s worth of food in 1,000-jar “pantry tour” with 1M views

When you’re an adult, priorities change.
You want to have a secured job, a house of your own, a healthy family, and of course, a big pantry.

No wonder videos where people stock up in their pantry always go viral.

Chelsea Lesley admits that she has always been passionate about preserving food and pantry storage.

Lesley does everything from planting seeds to canning her produce.


She’s got 2 pantries and a root cellar.
Her primary goal is to have enough supplies that would last them for a year, and she had already achieved the 1000-jar mark from last season’s produce.

Lesley started showing what was on her shelves. She has three shelves, and she started her pantry tour.

On the first shelf, she started showing what was at the bottom going up.

Below, you see buckets containing all the dry goods such as lentils and beans.

On the first shelf from the bottom, she has all her sweet pickles, apple juice, and applesauce.

Her condiments look drool-worthy.

On the second shelf up are canned beans, beets, pickled vegetables, and jellies.

Moving up to the third shelf is her canned chicken, salmon, corn, pickled coleslaw, purple cabbage, more beans, and mixed pickles.

The rest of the fourth shelf contains tomato products, enchilada sauces, sloppy joe mix, green tomato curry, and canned cherries.

As you can see, she’s stocked.

On the sixth shelf, you’d find all the tomato sauces.

Would you believe she’s just getting started?
Let’s go over to the next shelf. This time, Lesley started from the top.


On the top shelf, she stores her tomato salsas, salsa Verde, and pizza sauces.

Shelves 2 and 3 house the sweets.
You’ll find all the syrups, jams, peaches, and sun-dried tomatoes hiding on these unassuming shelves.

Going on the fourth shelf, you’ll find all the preserved beans, potatoes, and meat products like stewed beef.

On the fifth shelf, Lesley stores all her beef, chicken, and pork stocks.

The bottom part, like the other shelf, has buckets filled with popcorn, spring wheat, and even laundry soap.

She also has a cheese fridge.
Sadly, it was empty.

Next to that are her food-saver bags, honey, and grinder.

Their pantry has a small shelf with vitamins, sprouting seeds, dried herbs, teas, an EpiPen, and a grocery shopping basket.

That’s just the first pantry.
Now, we move on to the second pantry that they call the cold room.

This pantry is colder and darker- a perfect place to store onions, garlic, potatoes, and beets.

This is also where all their store-bought food is stored.

Pantry items include oatmeal, spices, baking goods, snacks, seaweed, granola bars, coffee, condiments, dressings, and BBQ sauces.

Let’s not forget some cookies, olive oil, coconut milk, peanut butter, and other items, such as medical supplies, candles, sanitary products, zip locks, and garbage bags.

There, she squirrels away her family’s stock of potatoes, celery, carrots, rutabaga, beets, and cabbages. It’s a lovely setup.

Lesley talked about the many benefits of having a pantry and root cellar and how this decision was a game-changer for her and her family.

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