My Husband Invited Me to a Restaurant

A 30-year-old woman sought advice on Reddit about her financial issues with her 32-year-old husband of four months. The couple had differing views on money, with the husband having poor budgeting skills and impulsive spending habits. The wife suggested a joint bank account to better manage their finances, but the husband, after agreeing initially, continued spending without consultation.

When the husband proposed going out to dinner, the wife agreed, thinking they would cover their own expenses. However, after the meal, the husband, who had ordered additional food, was surprised when the wife requested separate bills. The wife reminded him of their agreement to split expenses equally. The husband, out of money, expected the wife to pay for his dinner, but she insisted on following their arrangement.

The wife left after paying for her meal, and when the husband returned home later, he criticized her behavior to a friend. The couple’s argument led the wife to suggest seeking professional help and attending therapy, but the husband’s primary concern was who would pay for it.

Reddit users sympathized with the woman, advising her to address the issues early in the marriage, either independently or with professional assistance. The story sparked discussions about financial compatibility in relationships.