My Rich Mom Who Abandoned Me Shows Up 10 Years Later Demanding Money

Ten years after a wealthy mother abandoned her son, she came to visit him asking for money. He came back smiling while she watched his hands in awe.

A rich mom thought she still had the advantage of visiting the son she’d abandoned ten years ago to request a favor. However, little did she know he’d come back smiling with more than what she asked for.

When Redditor just_a_farmer_ turned 20, the scars of his past involving his parents’ divorce ten years earlier still sat fresh in his memories. Tossed to the side by his estranged mom and siblings, this young farmer knew what he had to do when the woman came to him asking for money.

Reddit’s “Entitled Parents” sub hasn’t stopped applauding and upvoting his incredible “payback.” Before detailing the incident, the original poster gave readers a little synopsis of his parents’ split.

At the time, the man’s mother dropped a bomb on the family by revealing his two younger siblings, aged seven and eight, weren’t his father’s after his dad caught her cheating. She disclosed that she had found a better man who’d give her the luxurious life she wanted, unlike the boy’s father.

The poster’s father was a farmer trying to hold his family together while managing his grandfather’s farm. A legal battle ensued in court, and it ended with the woman refusing to take custody of her husband’s son. She sidelined him for the rest of his life until 10 years later, when she realized he could be of financial help.

Their Encounter After 10 Years
The young man was busy feeding cattle at 7:30 a.m. when his dad hastily rushed into the feedlot and informed him someone was waiting to meet him. Reading the angry look on his father’s face, he asked no further about who it was and immediately hopped off the tractor.

He saw a brand-new Porsche and, upon closer gaze, spotted his mother in the driver’s seat. He was clueless about her intentions and how she’d seed his late grandfather’s will into the conversation, recalling:

“I walk up to her car and very politely say hello to her before she wrinkles her nose and looks at me in disgust.”

The woman smirked when she first caught sight of her estranged son, asked him if he had anything better to wear than his “filthy rags,” and told him he was an embarrassment dressed like that. He told her those were his work clothes and asked her what she wanted.

Throwing a disgusted gaze on him, the woman said it would be fair if he gave up the inheritance he got from his late grandfather. It turned out that his late grandfather had initially set aside $25K for his three grandchildren before the mother revealed the younger two had a different father.

Following the divorce, she insisted to her father-in-law that her two kids be entitled to his money, but the man refused, saying only his actual grandkids would get the money and put $50K in his biological grandson’s name.

After the grandpa’s passing, the young man’s dad added some of his inheritance into the will, beefing the value up to around $93K. The young man spent $27K on a tractor and has been since adding his savings to it.

Now his mother wanted his siblings to benefit from his inheritance. She said his sister was graduating that year and it would be only fair if he gave her the money his grandfather left him since he obviously didn’t need it.

When he asked his mother why he should help his sister, she told him it was his responsibility as her older brother to take up her fun expenses so that she needn’t work any petty jobs. Moments into their heated conversation, she asked him if he wouldn’t do “this much” for his sibling.

He downright declined and told his mom she needed to make her rich second husband work harder if she wanted her daughter to go to an expensive college. That’s when the woman lost her cool and lashed out at her son, saying “even just a little bit” would help, compelling him to retaliate in the best way he knew how.

Putting his plan in motion, he quickly apologized to his mother, saying she did deserve the money. Then he told her he was going to his truck to get his checkbook. He hurriedly left and when he returned, he smiled and asked her to hold her hand out.

Just as the woman watched in awe, he dropped 20 or so pennies in his mother’s hands. He had gathered them from the cupholder in his truck moments ago. Surprised, the mom asked “What’s this?” and he told her he had just given her the “little bit” she’d asked for.

This enraged his mother who clarified she meant a few thousand then tossed the pennies angrily while screaming at him at the top of her lungs. She sped her car away angrily while her son and his father watched her vanish from the farm in sheer embarrassment.

Entitled Mother Gets What She Deserves
The drama was far from over because one day, while he was in a great mood working on a tractor in the shop, the man heard a knock on the door. To his surprise, it was his mother’s new husband, wanting to talk.

The older man informed the now 21-year-old the shocking news that he was leaving his mother, realizing she was spending too much money and manipulating him into giving her more.

The car she was driving when she went to see her son was also taken back to the dealership.
The last straw was when she insisted on wanting to go to London, a place she was obsessed with, and after badgering her husband for a month, he pretended to relent and said he’d get the airplane tickets. Instead, he came back with divorce papers.

The woman shouted in retaliation before packing her things and leaving to stay with a cousin. She threatened to get a lawyer involved, forgetting she signed a prenuptial agreement with her new husband.

Concerning their children, it was revealed that their son was working for DoorDash and hustling. Meanwhile, their daughter, according to the husband, was furious:

“I get angry calls and texts from her daily that it isn’t right she has to work in a Walmart while taking college classes.”

On why the husband came to see the Reddit poster, it was to inform him of what happened and warn him of the potential of his mother showing up to ask him for money since she’d already been cut off financially. The car she was driving when she went to see her son was also taken back to the dealership.

The son hilariously contemplated going to his half-sister’s workplace to harass her but thought against the idea. Instead, he went back to what he was doing, hoping that would be his last update about his estranged family.

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