My Sister Was Envious of My Wedding Dress & I Caught Her Attempting to Ruin It before My Wedding

A Reddit user, a 24-year-old bride, faced a dilemma when her sister, Jamie, attempted to ruin her wedding dress a week before the ceremony. The bride sought advice on the platform after deciding to uninvite Jamie from the wedding. The sisters, with a strained relationship, had been engaged for different durations, and the bride had been dealing with Jamie’s troubling behavior for years.

During a wedding dress shopping trip with their mother, the bride found her dream dress. However, a week before the wedding, Jamie revealed that she wanted to wear the same dress for her own ceremony. When the bride refused to swap dresses, Jamie threatened to destroy the gown. In a shocking turn of events, the bride found Jamie attempting to cut the dress in a private room.

“I told her she was crazy and that she was no longer welcome at my wedding,” the bride shared. Despite the bride’s decision, her fiancé disagreed, causing a divide among Reddit users. Many supported the bride, labeling Jamie’s actions as extreme, while others questioned the fiancé’s stance on the matter.

Some users even suggested that Jamie might have underlying issues and should be cut out of the bride’s life. The situation sparked a debate among Reddit users, with opinions divided on whether the bride’s decision to ban her sister was justified.

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