My Teen Daughter

When a woman chose to divorce her husband over his infidelity, she lost custody of her daughter. As time passed, the daughter refused to see the woman, believing she was a bad person. It wasn’t until the girl had no more money to pay for college that she reconnected with her mom.

The Reddit community expressed mixed opinions on the situation. Some felt that the woman was justified in leaving her assets to her goddaughter, as her daughter only sought to reconnect for financial reasons. They argued that family relationships should not be based on financial gain.

Others believed that the woman’s decision was harsh and suggested that she should consider mending the relationship with her daughter instead of prioritizing her goddaughter. They pointed out that the daughter might have had a change of heart and that money should not be the sole determinant of familial connections.

Ultimately, opinions varied, reflecting the complexities of family dynamics and the challenges of navigating relationships after a history of betrayal and estrangement.