Neighbour leaves the best angry noise complaint note after weekend party

The web has been wowed by the note after the homeowner’s brother shared it on social media on Tuesday.

The angry letter reads: “Hey c***, we really don’t need a******* neighbours like you.

“Thanks for inviting your disgusting, loud-mouth loser friends over on Saturday night.”

AGGRESSIVE: The homeowner pulled no punches with his choice words (Image: IMGUR)

It added: “What a bunch of ignorant, inconsiderate f***wits. If you can’t live like a grown-up — move back to the trailer [sic] where you belong.

“Formal complaints have been made to the building manager, you have been warned!

“Or you could just f*** off!!”

DISGUSTING: The neighbour called the revellers ‘loud-mouth’ and ‘losers’ (Image: IMGUR)

Social media users had sympathy with the Australian reveller.

One Reddit fan wrote: “Somebody having a house party on a Saturday night and omg they made noise and had fun like normal people?… Weak people who just want to be angry to be angry.”

Another user, conditerie, said: “I’d expect that taping threatening notes on your neighbors’ door might also be something that those building managers might want to know what.”

Neighbour’s angry noise complaint (Image: IMGUR)