Parents Hold A “Gender Reveal” Party For Their 8-Year-Old After She Said She Didn’t “Feel Like A Boy”

At the age of six, Ella Scott, a Canadian child, confided in her parents about feeling like a girl despite being born in a boy’s body. Initially, her parents thought it might be a passing phase, but they soon recognized her genuine identity as a transgender youth. Instead of resisting her decision, Ella’s parents fully embraced her desire to transition. To celebrate this important milestone, they organized a gender reveal party when Ella turned eight.

Ella’s mother, Nikki, recalled how her daughter’s inclination towards femininity became evident early on, as she preferred playing with girls and dolls. Ella’s journey towards living as a girl began at age six when she started wearing girls’ clothing and expressing her true self. Initially unsure of how to support her, Ella’s parents educated themselves about transgender individuals and encouraged their daughter to express her feelings.

Despite concerns about how society might treat Ella and potential bullying, her parents were determined to prioritize her happiness and authentic self. The gender reveal party was a way to demonstrate their unwavering love and support for their daughter, allowing her to feel celebrated and cherished for who she truly is.