Pop Star Shares Tragic News About Her Family

Singer Aubrey O’Day, 39, has some very sad family news. The Danity Kane singer has come forward to share that she lost her unborn child via a miscarriage only two months after she debuted her cute baby bump on a red carpet event. Now, the 39-year-old has provided a family update to E! News, confirming that she has sadly lost the child she was pregnant with.

Before O’Day provided a confirmation update to the media, she told her followers on Instagram that her family plans had changed. She shared the heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage, confirming what those close to her feared when she began having trouble with her pregnancy.

“I’m beyond heartbroken to announce that I’ve had a miscarriage,” she said to the E! News media outlet. “This isn’t my first pregnancy, but it is the first time I was mentally healthy and in a physically prepared place to care for another life.”