Prince William “beside himself” as Kate Middleton reportedly considering sad decision with huge consequences

Recent reports suggest Kate Middleton is contemplating leaving her royal duties. Following her absence from the public eye since January due to a planned procedure, she continues to delay her return. Speculation about the severity of her condition has intensified due to limited official information.

Amid this, the withdrawal of an official photo of Kate has fueled further speculation. Though she admitted to editing the photo herself, doubts persist about her well-being.

The situation has strained her marriage to Prince William, who is reportedly shocked by the possibility of her departure. A palace source revealed Kate’s struggle with royal life has impacted her health and strengthened her resolve to quit.

Despite William’s concerns, Kate insists she’s making a clear decision. The uncertainty surrounding Kate’s future has stirred discussion about her potential exit from royal duties, leaving many questioning the palace’s assurances.