Ramsay Leaves America : ‘Too Many Drag Shows Here’

Chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, Chef’s of the modern era.

With several Michelin stars to his name in his dozens of worldwide restaurants and eateries, he doesn’t even need the huge amount of reality television shows he stars in.

But now you can forget about “Hell’s Kitchen”.

You can give up on a new season of “Master Chef”.

Gordon Ramsay is leaving the United States to stay in merry old England with his wife and seven kids for good.

And why? Because of drag shows.

“I have never seen so many bloody little f**king cars racing day and night in circles for no reason in my life,” Ramsay was quoted as saying on Tucker Carlson.

“It keeps me up at night and I’m bloody well sick of it.”

Ramsay’s American digs are located in the upscale Beverly Hills neighborhood, where there are hardly any of the sordid element that usually perform and attend these drag racing shows.

But about two miles away, where the restaurants are, they thrive.

“It’s bloody ‘vroom vroom’ all the time and I have difficulties tasting the excellent risotto there.

I can’t concentrate. Also, Taco Bell got rid of the Gordita. So f*ck it.”

California’s assistant governor Joe Barron expressed regret at the Chef’s exit and drove quickly and noisily away.

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