Reba McEntire Wears a Huge Diamond Ring on Her Finger & Reveals Whether She Is Engaged or Not

Country music star Reba McEntire recently made headlines when she wore a prominent diamond ring at a “The Voice” event, sparking engagement rumors. However, McEntire, 68, clarified that the ring was merely a fashion statement.

Reba McEntire's hand as seen in a YoTube video dated December 5, 2023 | Source:

Reba McEntire’s hand as seen in a YoTube video dated December 5, 2023 | Source:

After shocking fans with her new jewelry, McEntire humorously remarked, “I just found it,” and shared with her brand manager, Leslie Matthews Duggar, her intent to cause a stir: “I’ll place something right here and see how it gets everyone talking.”

Dating actor Rex Linn since 2020, McEntire has been noncommittal about marrying again. In a talk show appearance, she stated that the decision lies with Linn, as he has never been married, whereas she has twice. McEntire said it would be up to Linn whether or not they married, leaving the door open for the future.

The couple’s relationship blossomed after reuniting on “Young Sheldon” in 2020, having first met in 1991. Since a dinner outing that year, they have been inseparable. McEntire’s previous marriages include Narvel Blackstock, with whom she shares a son, Shelby Blackstock, and Charlie Battles.

While McEntire’s choice to wear the ring sparked speculation, it was more about generating conversation than indicating a change in her personal life. She remains open to marriage, letting Linn decide their future.