Remember Heather Locklear? Prepare to Be Taken Aback: A Startling Glimpse of Her Current State

Heather Locklear, a prominent American actress renowned for her beauty during the 1980s, has recently caught public attention due to her puzzling behavior in Malibu, California. On June 29, images surfaced of her sitting absentmindedly on a sidewalk, waiting for transportation while her partner, Chris Heiser, failed to show up for over thirty minutes.

Heather’s struggles with mental health and addiction are no secret, and her distressing behavior has only fueled concern. She was observed engaged in self-conversation and cautiously walking while leaning against a wall. Sources report that she had been in a work meeting and was later seen reading aloud from a notebook while sitting on a flight of stairs.


Friends and close ones are worried that Heather might have resumed drinking, despite her efforts to overcome addiction. Back in 2019, she went through rehabilitation more than twenty times, highlighting the depth of her struggle. Adding complexity to her history are arrests for domestic violence and assaulting a police officer in 2018.

Heather Locklear, known for her roles in iconic TV series, was married to Tommy Lee and later Richie Sambora, with whom she shares a daughter named Ava. Her engagement to Chris Heiser is a product of a rekindled high school romance. Amidst all this, the afternoon of June 29 unfolded with her engaging in distressing behavior after an appointment. Witnesses observed her on the edge of a building, gripping pillars for safety and talking to herself. Her unusual conduct continued as she read from a notebook and made unusual expressions while crossing the street.

Eventually, Heather and Chris Heiser left the scene in an SUV, raising concerns among friends who fear for her well-being. Despite her documented struggles, she draws strength from her support network, including Chris, her parents, and her daughter Ava. Friends and loved ones are optimistic that Heather’s resilience will guide her through this trying time, hoping that this incident remains an isolated episode.

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