Restaurant employee saves bad b-day with just a little kind action…

We all experience challenging days, but having a bad birthday can be particularly disheartening. A Reddit user shared a story about a birthday that took an unexpected turn for the better. Following a tough day, the user decided to lift their spirits by ordering pizza from a local restaurant.

The Reddit post features a photo of the receipt, where the most notable aspect is the special instructions provided for the pizza order. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of their birthday, the user made an unusual request in the hopes that the pizza maker could bring a bit of joy to their day.

The message on the receipt reads:

«It’s my birthday, and not even my family called me. I’m sad, and I really like olives. Please put on as many black olives as you can. I want you to put on so many black olives that you start to question mine and your own sanity. As much as you can include without being fired. Thank you.»

With the goal of turning around this stranger’s gloomy birthday, the restaurant employee honored the unique request. The result was a pizza completely covered in black olives, exceeding expectations. The Reddit user, also a black olive enthusiast, shared a photo of the pizza, which featured a drawing of a birthday cake inside the lid, accompanied by the words «Happy birthday» in both English and Spanish.

In addition to the generous pile of olives on the pizza, the employee went the extra mile by including an additional container filled with more olives, just in case the pizza didn’t already have enough.