Restaurant’s ‘Brutally Honest’ Sign Turns Heads Online

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in September 2020.

On Thursday, a Reddit user posted a picture of a restaurant’s seasonal menu, which included a handwritten message taped at the top. The sign explained the restaurant’s slow service, and even advertised an employment opportunity.

“Please be patient with us today,” the sign read. “There will be a wait.”

“Most of our employees are trash and don’t come to work,” the sign continued. “Please be nice to the ones that do. There are only a couple of us. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The sign humorously concluded: “But hey…if you need a job, we are 100 percent hiring, lol…”

The identity of the restaurant has yet to be uncovered despite the numerous guesses made by various Reddit users. The post received various reactions, with many pointing out the pastries visible in the picture’s background.

One person commented: “I wanna be trash, where do I sign up?!”

“In a weird way, I totally respect that,” a second person wrote.

“‘Come work for us – we might call you trash if you choose not to work with the general public during a pandemic,'” another commenter joked.

“The ‘lol’ at the end got me,” another comment read.

However, some criticized the restaurant’s management, with one person writing: “If most of your employees aren’t coming to work it’s probably your management that is trash, and the few that do turn up are just the most desperate.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit

“Yup – I would have read that and walked right back out. The place sounds super toxic,” another person wrote.

“Yeah, if there ever was a sign that said ‘DO NOT APPLY HERE’ it’s this one. If most of your employees don’t show there’s probably a real good reason,” someone else commented.

One person only had this thought: “As funny as that sign is, if I saw that as a customer I’d leave immediately.”

One commenter had a recommendation for the restaurant: “Guys this is why HR exists!! Most companies don’t invest in good HR. But (sic) HRs job is to keep employees happy, supported and wanting to stay employed there!”

Sources: Newsweek

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