Ricki Lake , Former Talk Show Host, Shares Inappropriate Photo Of Her To Celebrate ‘Best’ Days Of Her Life

Ricki Lake is currently experiencing the “best” times of her life.

On Monday, the ex-talk show presenter posted a selfie of herself to Instagram in which she revealed not just her emotions but also her skin.

Lake, 54, is seen naked and smiling in the photo as she sits in an outdoor tub surrounded by tall redwood trees.

“Hands down, these days are the best of my life,” she wrote.

“54 1/2 years old (young!) Grateful for all that had to happen for me to get to here. A place of complete self-acceptance and self love. ♥️,” she continued.

Lake began her journey to self-love in 2019, but she didn’t make it public until 2022.

She shared an unseen video of herself shaving her head in December 2022.

This year’s footage, 2019. She acknowledged her 30-year struggle with androgenetic alopecia, the cause of her hair loss, in the video’s description.

“I have never shared this raw video footage before but felt like I wanted to now, for those of you who have followed my story and have been invested in it,” Lake wrote in the caption. “Some of you know my struggle all too well personally and I want you to know, I truly feel you.”

“In this video, you can see me come to a place of peace, liberation, and most importantly, self-love and self-acceptance.”

Lake’s hair has grown back in since she shaved her head, and she’s come to terms with having a “natural gray and sometimes wild unruly head of hair.”

“May all of you struggling with whatever also come to a place of peace and acceptance. Life is too damn short.”

However, some users find the picture inappropriate, but she is not backing down.

One user wrote: “I don’t get why anyone has to show themselves like this! LOL” while another one said “That’s all well and fine but why do we have to see it,just wondering. So putting a photo of yourself basically nude of yourself online seems really weird to me. Just my opinion.”

She didn’t respond to any of these comments, but she didn’t seems to be bothered by them. After all, we have all the option to follow the creators we like and accept their freedom to share whatever they like.

What do you think about her decision to post this online?

We think her key point is a crucial point of emphasis! Worrying about things beyond of our control is a waste of time. Accepting and loving oneself, warts and all, is a skill we must acquire!

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