Shirley MacLaine reveals surprising plan for her 90th birthday

Shirley MacLaine first gained prominence in the 1950s when she began appearing in projects such as The Trouble with Harry, and Some Came Running. She gained critical acclaim for her acting skills due to those projects and since then has had a splendid career.

Now, the actress is about to turn 90 years old on April 24th, and she has shared details on how she will celebrate this milestone in her life.

Even though she is about to be 90 years old, she still focuses on her career as an actress, not letting anything else get in the way of her passion for acting. In a recent interview, she revealed that while turning 90 years old is indeed a big milestone, she is choosing not to have a lavish celebration for the occasion.









Instead, she once again showed her commitment to her career by sharing that on her birthday, her plans also centered around work. She said, “I’m going to be on a set,” MacLaine stated. “I’ll be in Atlantic City.”

During the interview, MacLaine revealed that working with Peter Dinklage in American Dreamer was a pleasure. She explained since it had been the first time they had worked together, she had expected some snags. However, the process was incredibly smooth. She said of it, “we really hit it off.”