Sign On KFC, Restaurant’s Response Is Priceless

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in August 2016.

In Gallipolis, Ohio, a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has taken an extraordinary step that’s warmed the hearts of many and sparked a viral sensation. As customers walked through its doors, they encountered a new sign, and its simple message quickly became a social media sensation.

Strategically placed on the restaurant’s entrance, the sign bears a message that reads: “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day.” It’s a small but powerful gesture that has resonated deeply within the local area.

The impact of this sign has been nothing short of remarkable. In an age where information spreads rapidly through social media, this message touched the hearts of patrons, inspiring them to share it far and wide. On Facebook alone, it garnered over 4,000 shares and 9,000 likes, thanks to its posting on Ohio Going Blue’s page.

The administrator of Ohio Going Blue’s page weighed in on the significance of this simple but powerful act of recognition. They wrote in a comment, “This is a positive post, but some of you can’t see the bigger picture. As an officer, I do not go into any establishment expecting/wanting ANYTHING to be free or let alone even a discount, whether I’m in uniform or not, and I can confirm that many other officers share this sentiment. We aren’t inclined towards receiving ‘special treatment.’ The reality is that KFC is showing appreciation for law enforcement, which is why this message was shared.”

Photo Credit: Ohio Going Blue/Facebook

Photo Credit: Ohio Going Blue/Facebook

This thoughtful gesture didn’t just resonate with the public; it also found support among KFC employees. One employee from the Russell KY KFC proudly affirmed, “Yes, we feed police officers for free EVERYDAY!!! I work at the Russell KY KFC!! We honor our protectors!! Now, it’s time to extend this kindness by offering free meals or food to veterans as well!! I am going to bring it to their attention next time I see the owners.”

The sentiment echoed throughout the community and online, with one viewer acknowledging, “They deserve everything they get and especially if it is free.”

Photo Credit: Ohio Going Blue/Facebook

Photo Credit: Ohio Going Blue/Facebook

It’s crucial to remember that the intention behind this act isn’t about police officers expecting or seeking special treatment. Instead, it’s a heartfelt acknowledgment of their commitment to protecting and serving their communities. Even though officers don’t seek recognition, a simple sign of appreciation like this one goes a long way in showing gratitude for their selfless dedication.

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