People had found many different objects that they didn’t knew what they were using for, and shared their pictures online to find their purposes. Here are six of those objects that people of Reddit had shared and found their purposes.

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A user had shared an object that they called, “scoopy doodad”, at his parents junk drawer, and asked other Redditors for its purpose.


A user had explained its purpose as, “The classic Sunbeam Mixmaster had a juicer attachment, a bowl that attached to the top of the mixer. This is the spout the juice would pour out of. The wire part held a little strainer to filter out pulp.”
Here is a user had found an object in their old cabinet. A glass object with holes on it. As they asked what this object was, a user had gave them the correct answer.

The user had explained the purpose of the object as, “Flower frog, used to hold a flower arrangement in a vase. Made obsolete by foam and gels.”
Another person had shared a glass in a pyramid shape with a hole on its top. As they had described, the object was pretty heavy for its look.
A user had gave the name and purpose of the object as, “Oil candle.”
Another shocked user with their finding had shared a different object as he was had found while going through the drawers.

A user had helped them and explained the name and purpose of the object as, “Nail buffer?” and the original poster had answered as, “Solved! I would never have thought of it. Clearly I don’t pay enough attention to my nails!”
Another user had shared an object that was scissor like but silver colored and needles on it so it wasn’t used for cutting stuff.

A user had explained as, “Removed the top of soft boiled eggs, I think.” another one had confirmed as, “This is correct. Modern ones have a little motion to them, but this one would work ”
Another user had found an object while they were staying at a hotel. They saw a vertical slot on their table, and asked for it’s purpose on Reddit.

A user had stated that it was for, “I asked at the front desk of a hotel when I saw that; was told it’s for laptop/tablet storage while charging overnight without taking up the whole nightstand.”
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