SKIN SIGNALS for Serious Diseases!

  • Dark Patches: Unexpected dark patches on your skin may suggest adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease). Look for other symptoms like muscle/joint pain, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, and abnormal sugar levels. Contact your doctor if you notice these signs.
  • Discoloration: White patches could be vitiligo, a condition where pigment-producing cells stop working. Consult an endocrinologist or dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Rashes: Persistent and severe rashes, whether triggered by food, medications, or infections like chickenpox, may indicate underlying issues. Certain disorders, such as Stevens-Johnson or Lyell’s syndrome, can be life-threatening. Seek medical help for proper evaluation, especially with adult chickenpox.
  • Edemas: Daily edemas may imply hypothyroidism, leading to dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, and other symptoms. Consult an endocrinologist if you have these symptoms.
  • Moles: New moles can appear for various reasons, but if they grow rapidly, cause pain, or change significantly in color and size, consult a doctor.

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