Student awarded $25,000 settlement for “controversial” shirt!! What was written goes VIRAL…

Addison Barnes, a senior at Liberty High School, stirred controversy by wearing a T-shirt featuring the words “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.” to schooI.

Despite objections from the school, Barnes refused to cover up or change his shirt and was asked to leave for the day. With the support of his parents, Barnes filed a lawsuit against the school, arguing that his First Amendment rights were violated.

The lawsuit was successful, resulting in a $25,000 settlement from the school district to cover Barnes’ legal fees and an official apology from the school principal.

While some viewed Barnes’s shirt as offensive, others saw it as an assertion of his right to express his political views. The case highlights the ongoing debate surrounding free speech in schools and the balance between protecting students’ safety and upholding their constitutional rights.

Source: Newsweek

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