Susan Boyle Shows Us The Changes To Her Childhood Home

Although we have seen a lot of talented individuals, there are some that simply take us by surprise. That was the case with Susan Boyle, who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent over 10 years ago and immediately became a superstar.

Since she sang her song, I Dreamed a Dream, and it was posted online, millions of people have watched it. People around the world knew her by name and she was able to sell albums by the millions.

A lot of people know who Susan Boyle is but they may not know everything there is to know about her. What is her home life like? Is she married? What is she doing these days?

It started in 2008 when Boyle decided to take a shot at show business. She did so because she was unemployed at the time.

When she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, it instantly propelled her into the spotlight. She may have started out as an underdog but before long, she was earning millions of dollars for her amazing voice.

Something else that many people don’t know about the 47-year-old Scotsman is that she lives alone with her cat. She also lives in her childhood home, and she doesn’t have plans on moving away from it.

That home was purchased in 2010 and she did so to get grounded to her roots. She could have purchased any home in the world, more or less, but she decided to purchase the four-bedroom house in Scotland where she grew up.

In a tour that was given of the home, she shows off the piano room first. It’s obvious that she enjoys playing the instrument, but she admits that she can’t even do scales.

She also talked about the kitchen as being unsafe and cramped because of the table in the middle of the room near the oven.

Family photographs are a big part of the home that help to liven up the neutral space in the living area. She is the youngest of seven children, so there were nine people living in that four-bedroom home at one time.

As you continue to look around the home, you see the bedroom that she used to share with two sisters. Now that bedroom is hers, and she can reminisce about her childhood all she wants.

She’s now living her best life and she shows us how she does it in the home where she grew up.

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