Sweet Mailman Writes Letters On Days There Is No Mail To Dog Who Loves Picking Up Mail For Her Family

A sweet mailman makes sure that an excited pup on his mail route always gets a letter to take home.

Each day as mailman Martin Struder delivers mail to a community in Brisbane, Australia, a furry little friend comes to greet him.

Pippa, a mail loving dog, runs outside each day as she hears Martin’s post van and comes to collect the mail. Martin pets the excited Pippa, gives her a hug, and then hands her the mail, which she takes and then brings back to her family’s house.

But on days when there is no mail to deliver, Martin wants to make sure that Pippa still receives something and is able to complete her daily chore, so he handwrites letters addressed to Pippa and gives the pup her mail to take home.

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