Teen Lends Jacket to Older Woman Curling in the Cold, Next Day Girl Finds Ring & Note in Its Pocket

Suki, a Japanese exchange student in Canada, offers her jacket to an elderly lady named Gale at a local ice rink. The next day, she finds a ring and a heartfelt note in the jacket’s pocket. Intent on returning the items, Suki embarks on a quest to find Gale, sparking a town-wide concern for the elderly woman’s wellbeing. Her journey uncovers Gale’s struggles and fosters a sense of community among the townspeople.

Gale’s Mysterious Disappearance

Despite her efforts, Suki can’t find Gale for days. Her concern deepens when she discovers Gale’s cold and unvisited house. Tragically, Gale has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and a mystery involving her estranged daughter, Marilyn.

Reconnecting Lost Ties

Determined to honor Gale’s memory, Suki connects with Marilyn, revealing Gale’s love and the inheritance left for her. Marilyn, moved by the town’s warmth and her mother’s enduring love, decides to return to Woodridge, finding solace and a new beginning in her mother’s house.

Legacy of Love and Community

The story culminates in a memorial curling event, uniting Marilyn, Suki, and the townspeople in honoring Gale’s life. The community’s support helps Marilyn embrace her new life in Woodridge, symbolizing the power of connection, empathy, and the enduring impact of acts of kindness.