Teen Turns Heads After People Spot Small Detail On Her Prom Dress

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in May 2019.

Prom night is a milestone for high schoolers, but one young woman turned her celebration into a powerful tribute to fallen heroes, showing the nation the true meaning of sacrifice.

Rochelle Township High School senior Aubrey Headon spent two years on the quest for the perfect prom dress. And when she finally found it, she felt it needed an extra touch to make it truly special.

Aubrey’s mother, Cass, revealed that it took three weeks to transform the dress into a symbol of remembrance. Red and white ribbons cascading from the waistline into the folds of the royally blue skirt bear the names of the fallen members of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, also known as “Darkhorse.”

This Marine Corps unit faced the harsh realities of war during their 2010-2011 deployment in Sangin, Afghanistan, enduring the highest casualty rate of any unit over the past decade.

Aubrey’s deep passion for the armed forces, influenced by her grandfather’s service as a Marine, led her to the story of Darkhorse. She connected with Gretchen Catherwood, mother of fallen Marine Alec Catherwood, who praised Aubrey for her continuous efforts to honor her son and his comrades.

Aubrey, profoundly moved by Alec and his comrades’ sacrifice, actively supports Darkhorse Lodge, a non-profit organization aiding veterans.

Selecting her prom night as the platform for this homage, Aubrey expressed, “I opted to don this tribute dress [at] my senior prom to ensure the memories of the individuals who sacrificed in Afghanistan for our way of life, enabling us to live as we do each day, endure and resonate. I’m committed to ensuring they don’t fade into obscurity.”

Since sharing photos of her prom night, Aubrey’s tribute dress has resonated with thousands, earning applause, including from her veteran grandfather.

For Aubrey, it’s all about honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and her prom dress is just the beginning. She envisions various ways to continue paying homage to our servicemen and women.

Looking ahead, Aubrey will take her commitment to the next level as she starts at Carroll University in Wisconsin this fall. Her goal is to become a physical therapist and contribute to the rehabilitation efforts at Walter Reed Hospital, specifically working with injured veterans.

In a season marked by celebrations of youth and achievement, Aubrey Headon’s poignant tribute stands out as a powerful reminder of the enduring spirit of gratitude and respect for those who have given everything for the freedoms we hold dear. It’s a story that transcends the typical prom night glamour, shedding light on the true heroes who deserve our recognition and remembrance.

Sources: WCNC