The eleven-year-old Jessica goes through a magical transformation… Scroll down to see the result…

But it also has a beautiful side, as it tells the true story of a young girl who, after years of coping with a deformed face, is finally beginning to step into the opening lines of a fairy tale, with the assistance of her pediatric plastic surgeon prince, John Polley, MD. This story is based on a true event.

Jessica Jaskowiak was born with Crouzon syndrome, a disorder that causes facial bone development to be stunted. As a result of this illness, she suffered from protruding eyes, poor hearing and speech, as well as difficulty in breathing and chewing.

Recently, the Illinois resident, who is 11 years old, went to the Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for an operation that lasted for six hours. This caused a significant alteration in the situation.

What exactly is the purpose of Dr. Polley? In order to bring Jessica’s face and forehead forward, a stiff external distraction device, also known as a RED device, will need to be installed.

The family has been anticipating this day for the last 11 years, all the while wondering how their daughter’s life would be altered as a result of the operation.

Spectrum Health Beat was invited by Jessica’s parents, Lynn and Paul, to document the remarkable progress their daughter made from the time before her operation till after it.

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