The Girl Has Been Living In the African Outback For 12 Years: The Fair-Skinned Girl Showed Her And The Ghanaian Frank’s 4 Heirs!

A white-skinned girl met Frank in St. Petersburg. The Ghanaian immediately “took the bull by the horns,” telling his confused girlfriend that he intended to marry her.

“I want 4 children. Do you agree?” Frank asked the white-skinned girl. Without hesitation, she answered yes. Frank and the white-skinned girl have been living in the African outback for 12 years.

The white-skinned girl kept her promise to the persistent Ghanaian: the couple is raising 4 heirs. The white-skinned girl happily shares the peculiarities of life in Ghana with her subscribers.

The other day, the white-skinned girl showed off her large family in a new photo, delighting Internet users.

What a beautiful family!

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