The phenomenon of transparent apples on trees…

Nature often surprises us with its beauty and unique phenomena, and one such captivating occurrence was shared by a young man named Andrew from Michigan. He posted photos online of what appeared to be icy, transparent apple shells hanging from trees in his garden, resembling glass souvenirs.

The mysterious ice apples gained attention worldwide, leaving people intrigued about their origin. The explanation behind this phenomenon lies in a combination of extreme winter temperatures and a snow whirlwind that swept through the area.

During the exceptionally cold winter in Michigan, the remaining apples on the trees were covered with an ice crust. Andrew explained that this rare event occurred with fruits and vegetables left unharvested throughout the winter. Most fruits typically lose their shape and resemble applesauce if left unharvested, but in this case, the apples retained their form within the icy shells.

The temperature dropped to -18°C, and the apples, containing fruit acid, required very low temperatures to freeze. The ice covering the apples prevented them from melting, but the internal temperature was warm enough for the apples to turn into mush, as their freezing point is lower than that of water. Only those apples covered with a thicker layer of ice remained hanging on the trees, creating a stunning and mesmerizing scene.

These crystal or phantom apples, as they came to be known online, showcase the incredible beauty that nature can create. The phenomenon gained popularity on the internet, highlighting the many wonders of the natural world that are yet to be fully understood and studied.