There is optical illusion in this photo. Try to find hidden umbrella

Optical illusions have enthralled and bewildered human brains for generations, testing our cognitive limits to comprehend more than meets the eye. Optical illusion puzzles tempt us to discover hidden truths in plain sight, from challenging visuals that muddle our eyesight to intriguing designs that defy conventional reasoning. Engaging in these puzzles is an excellent way to sharpen our observational skills and develop our attention to detail.

Are you ready to join us on our voyage into the realm of optical illusions today? Let’s get started. In 6 seconds, locate the umbrella.
A crowded coffee shop scenario emerges in the image below, complete with people enjoying their beverages in the presence of friends and loved ones. A happy waiter is seen bringing a warm cup of coffee to a satisfied customer. While the cashier appears to be polishing the counter’s surface, a gentleman stands by it.

During this crowded scene, an unnoticed umbrella hides within the frame. What is your task? Find the coffee shop’s secret umbrella. You just have 6 seconds to solve this optical puzzle, so set your timer or phone. Your journey has begun. Best wishes Scroll down only after your timer runs out to find the solution to this mind-boggling riddle. Solution for Optical Illusion The umbrella was placed discreetly near the man standing by the counter in the coffee shop. Check it out for yourself: