They took a seat on a bench and looked at a bizarre small furry creature.

While enjoying a day at Gwinnett County Park, Leslie Howe and her children stumbled upon a peculiar small creature covered in faint fur. Curiosity piqued, the kids wanted to touch it, but Leslie’s maternal instincts kicked in, preventing them from doing so.

As it turns out, this creature was a “pus worm,” a unique caterpillar species that secretes venom and can inflict significant pain even upon contact. Leslie unknowingly protected her children from a dangerous bite.

These caterpillars are hazardous, causing extreme nausea and profuse sweating when they bite a person. They have been causing severe agony in young children from Florida to North Carolina. Some have been hurt when caterpillars dropped from trees onto them.

When outdoors, especially in vegetated areas like parks, exercise extreme caution. Keep your distance from these caterpillars, and don’t let children touch them. It’s crucial to share this warning widely; it’s better to be cautious than to risk our children’s health.