This man’s and his twins amazing act will make you believe in unconditional kindness…

You come across a deed or act every now and then that warms your heart.

You know what I’m talking about. It may be a story about someone going above and beyond to make a spectacular philanthropic act possible, or it could simply be about someone doing good without expecting anything in return.

A sensation of happiness is commonly placed upon one’s soul after doing such an act. Having said that, it’s always appropriate to recognize those who are sincerely working to make the world a better place.

Do-gooders include Shane McDaniel and his twin children, Henry and Harrison. Shane had spent a lot of time as a child with his father chopping firewood, and he was eager for his 21-year-old boys to help him continue on the tradition.

In the aftermath of a huge storm, the family from Lake Stevens, Washington, had their work cut out for them.

«I had a lot of wood I had to cut because of storm damage and trees that were taken down,» he said. It just kept piling up and piling up. We decided that because there was so much wood available, we could build something greater out of it.»

They put their heads together and devised a scheme that would not only remove the wood but would also benefit many other individuals.

«The Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area; it’s cold and wet,» McDaniel said to People Magazine. I became aware of the necessity as soon as I began, and my eyes were opened. We literally started giving it away since so many people stopped and begged to buy it.»

Shane, Henry, and Harrison chopped enough firewood to fill 80 trucks over the project’s duration, which ran from March to October 2018.

Shane posted a collection plea on Facebook. Yes, they had more firewood than they could manage.

Unsurprisingly, Shane’s post received a lot of attention. The generosity of the family shocked most people, and some even volunteered to help transport the firewood to those who couldn’t make it.

«It’s a pretty amazing sight to see,» Shane said. «You can just see this sense of pride and sharing that I don’t believe they had previously.»

«When you do good things for people, they remember.» «I enjoy assisting others.»

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What a fantastic opportunity to assist the community and show your family’s generosity! Shane, Henry, and Harrison, we salute you!

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