This was a snack when I was growing up!

I was a child in England in the 1950s and 60s, and we didn’t really have snacks. We had meals, which were cooked by Mum or later by Granny, and we didn’t normally eat between meals. Sweets generally happened just after a meal, if they happened at all.

A biscuit, a rare ice cream, a packet of plain crisps, or something small like a two-finger KitKat, a single Milky Way bar or a small Cadbury’s fudge might happen occasionally. But that was about it.

It’s noticeable, when you look at old footage of British life in the 1960s and earlier, that you see a lot of obviously healthy and very cheerful children, but very few fat ones.

2) I know this was 1968, as my mum was pregnant with my younger sister, so I was 6 nearly 7.

We didn’t snack. We had a hot breakfast, porridge or ready brek, had a hot school lunch, home for a hot supper, usually soup and bread.

We lived on a market garden so vegetables and fruit were the order of the day.

Until Thursday’s and Saturday’s when Mr Dibben the VG man delivered the groceries.

If we had been good girls my mum ordered Swiss rolls on a Thursday to be delivered Saturday. We thought we were spoilt!

Everything was delivered, milk, bread and meat.

On a Friday when mum and dad got their wage envelopes, Lorraine and I were given 3d (about 1 ½ p). We hot footed it down to the village shop to buy spangles and sherbet fountains.

Funny what you remember.

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