This was one of the most famous dances 57 years ago. Can you remember it now?

Chris Montez’s popular tune is featured in the video below. “Let’s Dance” was recorded and released in 1962, when Montez was only 19 years old. Jim Lee wrote and produced the film. The song went on to reach number four on the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States and number two on the UK Singles list, where it spent four weeks. It sold over a million copies and was also given a gold disc.

When it comes to music, the 1960s were unquestionably among the finest. Motez was one of many outstanding artists that emerged in the 1960s. He became quite successful, and the Beatles even opened three of his shows for him while he was on tour with Tommy Roe. His early work became less successful, but he quickly had a hit with “Call Me” in 1966.