During the FUBAR premiere, in the red carpet, while Arnold was with his legitimate children, his lovechild from his housekeeper Mildred Baena, Joseph Baena, was alone.

A source who is close to the family gave some reports.

“To be honest, the other kids don’t love Joe.” The source stated.

Even though Arnold loves and supports him equally as his other children, the other kids are not welcoming towards him.

They, for some reason, hold him responsible for the affair that shattered their family.

“I give FUBAR a 2 thumbs up!!!” Joseph captioned his post on social media.

“Had an amazing time last night at the FUBAR premier!”

“In my unbiased opinion, FUBAR is a hilarious, action packed show that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!” Joseph ended.

“I’ve been at several events where he’s brought him along.” Said the source.

It’s not fair, but I guess it’s understandable — he’s the product of something that should not have occurred,”

“The Schwarzenegger kids have consistently navigated the situation with respect and class.”

“Arnold loves all of his children. He has a great relationship with all of them.”

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