UPDATE: Little Maddie & Conrad Missing after Their Mom Was Found Dead, ‘Massive’ Search Ongoing – Live News Pro

South Carolina mom Katie Seley lost her life in a flash flood in Pennsylvania while trying to save her two children, Mattie and Conrad. Her husband, Jim Sheils, and their eldest son, Jack, 4, survived along with Katie’s mother, Dahlia. The family was caught off guard as the torrential rain flooded the area, sweeping their car away.

Katie’s body was found in the aftermath of the flood, but her two children remain missing. Search teams suspended their efforts briefly due to dangerous conditions. They resumed their search once the floodwaters receded, using boats and drones to scour the area.

The family released a statement thanking the community and rescue teams for their support and unwavering commitment to finding Mattie and Conrad. They requested privacy during their grieving process.

The flood also claimed the lives of Enzo Depiero, Linda Depiero, Susan Barnhart, and Yuko Love. Upper Makefield Fire Chief Time Brewer described the flood as unprecedented, causing extensive property damage. The Sheils expressed their gratitude for the support they received during this tragedy.