Vegan Family Turns Heads After Confronting Neighbor For Cooking Meat

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in May 2023.

In the coastal suburb of Burns Beach near Perth, Western Australia, a sizzling controversy has erupted over a carnivorous celebration, putting a local Aussie BBQ enthusiast at the center of a fiery dispute with a vegan neighbor.

Kylie, the hostess in question, recently organized a ‘coronation’ party to commemorate the ascension of King Charles III. The festivity, complete with a hearty barbeque and succulent meats, aimed to capture the true spirit of Australian revelry.

However, not everyone in the neighborhood shared Kylie’s enthusiasm for the carnivorous gathering. A disgruntled vegan neighbor, identified as Sarah, Wayne, and Kids, fired off a handwritten letter, issuing a ‘last warning’ and threatening to report Kylie for her meat-centric activities. This latest incident comes on the heels of a previous complaint about the alleged nauseating aroma of cooking meat.

In the first note, Sarah requested Kylie to close her side window during cooking sessions, citing that the smell of meat made her family ‘sick and upset’ due to their vegan lifestyle. Unappeased by Kylie’s response, Sarah escalated her disapproval in the second letter, accusing Kylie of mocking her concerns and being ‘downright rude’ for hosting a Saturday night BBQ, seemingly in defiance of the vegan neighbor’s sensitivities.

The letter, shared on social media, ignited a storm of opinions, with over 280 comments flooding in. Many commenters criticized the vegan family, branding them as ‘entitled’ and dismissing their request as ‘ridiculous.’ Fox News readers joined the chorus, expressing frustration at what they perceive as an attempt to impose a vegan lifestyle on others.

In a collective response, individuals suggested Kylie take a bold stand by hosting a barbeque street party, an overt display of meat-filled festivities in defiance of the vegan neighbor’s objections. The sentiment resonated with those defending the Aussie tradition of BBQs in one’s own yard, with some proposing to bring ‘extra meat’ to Kylie’s house and even organizing a fundraiser for a meat smoker.

Kylie, however, maintains that her coronation barbeque was not a retaliatory act. She denies any ill intentions, emphasizing that it was not meant to exacerbate the conflict initiated by the vegan neighbor’s request to contain the ‘sickening’ meat smell.

As this culinary clash unfolds, it underscores the ongoing debate about individual choices, dietary freedom, and the delicate balance between respecting one’s neighbors and defending one’s cultural practices, especially in a country where the barbeque holds a special place in the national identity.

Sources: Daily Mail