Video Of Little Boy Laughing Is Going Viral, And Once You Hear It, You’ll Know Why

Laughter can do wonders for your health. And children are not shy about laughing and laughing and laughing. But one three-year-old boy from Levittown, New York, was caught on camera with the cutest laugh. He gets stuck with a big case of the giggles as he sits down in his music class with several other children as the teacher plays a rendition of Clap Your Hands Together and tries to get the little boy and his friends to play along.

While all the children in the class seem to be having a lot of fun together playing music, it is the one little boy in blue who steals the show. He just cannot seem to control his laughing fit as the teacher continues to try to engage him and the other students in the music class.

Laughter is something we can all benefit from, no matter what age. It has been proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system, and help us connect with others. Next time you want to lift your spirits or just have a good time, find something to laugh about. It could be a funny video or an old joke. Whatever it is, make sure it puts a smile on your face. Laughter is the best medicine—so enjoy!

“The laughing boy loved the surprising effect of the song. Clap and stop! Children enjoy learning through dynamic musical expressions and experiences,” said the teacher, Sara Shonfeld, on Rumble.

At one point during the laughing fit, the child next to the boy in blue leans over and gives him a super big hug. He knew that the boy needed some added comfort after all he had gone through, having lost his sanity laughing the way he was laughing.

This is the power of laughter and how it can affect us all. It is contagious, uplifting, and healing. Not only did this little boy have a great time in his music class, but he was also able to heal by laughing out loud with his friends. That’s something we could all use more of in our lives!

So go ahead, let yourself be filled with laughter and joy. You won’t regret it!