Rep. Adam Schiff is one of the reasons we need term limits on EVERYTHING. He was on video whining about the Joe Biden situation with a possible impeachment, complaining about Republicans like he usually does. Adam Schiff said: “The Republican desire to impeach someone, anyone, no matter if there’s any evidence, just shows how they have descended into chaos.” I just can’t stop laughing whenever I see Adam Schiff talking. This guy is one of the most beta pathetic males in the entire country and the fact he’s getting paid a government salary really pushes my buttons. What’s that guy do all day? Just whine on Twitter, cry about Trump, complain about Republicans? Does he actually work?

Meanwhile, the Democrats impeached Trump twice and were unsuccessful because it wasted time and accomplished nothing and Trump came out of it just shaking his head, like what was even the purpose of that other than to derail Trump from getting things done.

The Democratic Party is in such a terrible state right now that so many people may be switching to Republican depending on who represents them in 2024. As of now, it seems like Donald Trump is the top option to be in a rematch against Joe Biden, and if people don’t show up to vote, then there won’t be a red wave for years. Talk the talk, but make sure you VOTE too.

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