When I Saw Her Scar, I Had To Ask What Happened. Her Answer Had My Jaw On The Floor

Scars, like fingerprints, are unique to each individual, telling tales of survival and resilience. One can take pride in overcoming the challenges that led to these visible reminders of life’s struggles. While some scars, like mine from a childhood dog bite, are personal badges of resilience, others are more extraordinary.

The scars we’re about to explore are both captivating and alarming, emerging from the devastating force of lightning strikes. Documented on Bored Panda, these images reveal the aftermath of lightning strikes, forming stunning and terrifying patterns resembling ferns, known as Lichtenberg figures or “lightning flowers.”

Referred to as “fern-like erythema,” these markings may result from burst capillaries as the lightning flows through a person’s body, potentially bursting blood vessels near the skin, creating these unique scars. Lightning strikes are rare, with odds of about one in ten million, yet they are more likely than winning the Powerball, with a one in 292 million chance.

It’s crucial to note the seriousness of lightning strikes, which can be fatal. Individuals struck by lightning may experience life-altering organ damage, with some displaying the temporary “flashover effect,” leaving these distinctive fern-shaped patterns.

The Royal Meteorological Society suggests that these fern-like markings occur when the passing lightning bolt’s electrons are driven into the epidermis, radiating outward in a fractal pattern of repeated bifurcations.

Lightning bolts are incredibly powerful, traveling at speeds up to 270,000 miles per hour, reaching temperatures as high as 30,000 degrees Celsius—five times hotter than the surface of the sun. When thunderstorms loom, it’s crucial to seek shelter and avoid activities that increase the risk of being a lightning target.

These unique scars have captured the fascination of many, with comments ranging from awe to acknowledgment of the survivors’ luck and resilience. While the beauty in these lightning-induced markings is recognized, the underlying message emphasizes the awe-inspiring and perilous forces of nature.

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