Who has the biggest boobs in the world? Fetish model with backbreaking 102ZZ bazoombas

Norma Stitz, as Annie Hawkins-Turner, has the largest breasts in the world at a whopping 102ZZZ. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1956 and became famous as a fetish model. Her late husband, Allen Turner, insisted that she launch a website devoted to displaying her massive pecs.

Because of her illness, gigantomastia, Annie’s breasts are so large and heavy that they weigh an astounding nine stone. She didn’t start getting breasts until she was five, and by the time she was nine, she had a full 36D. She was unable to breastfeed any of her children. Annie said she didn’t want to get breast reduction surgery because her back muscles helped her out during her rapid growth.

Her breasts earned her a Guinness World Record, a legion of adoring fans, and an annual salary of $40,000. Currently, she is worth £5.5 million. Annie talks about how the constant scrutiny and bullying she endures as a successful woman has an emotional toll on her and her kid, and how she remembers being teased as a teenager for her large breasts.

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