Whoopi Goldberg Makes Surprising Career Move As Calls Grow For Her To Be Fired From ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg has announced a new career move after months of fans calling for her to be fired from the ABC talk show “The View.”

Over the past few months, calls have been growing for Whoopi Goldberg to be fired from “The View” for arguing multiple times that the Holocaust was not about race. Now, Goldberg has made a surprising career move as these calls continue to grow.

Goldberg’s New Career Move

Goldberg, 67, recently shocked everyone by revealing that she’s written a graphic novel called “The Change.”

“The story centers around Isabel Frost, a wife, mother, and grandmother who feels that life isn’t what she thought it’d be,” Screen Rant reported. “Even though she’s got an amazing support network of family and fellow gamers, things have become stagnant for Isabel.”

“But as her body adjusts to menopause, Isabel finds herself developing powerful abilities,” the description added. “With the assistance of her best friend and her comic book-loving grandson, Isabel decides to embrace the new direction of her life and become the Change.”

The Sun reported that a graphic that has been released for the novel shows a woman who strongly resembles Goldberg. The woman, who has similar facial features to Goldberg, can be seen wearing a dramatic black leather outfit and holding an orb of blue energy in her hand.

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