Whoopi Goldberg stops ‘The View’ over Miranda Lambert debate: ‘I’m leaving y’all’

On a recent episode of “The View,” the hosts discussed country singer Miranda Lambert’s reaction to fans taking selfies during her Las Vegas residency show. The panelists had varying opinions on Lambert’s scolding of the concertgoers.

Miranda Lambert reportedly interrupted her performance to address fans taking pictures, expressing her frustration with their distraction from the music. The incident sparked a conversation on “The View,” with co-host Sunny Hostin taking the side of the concertgoers, stating that if she paid $757 for tickets, she would take as many selfies as she wanted.

However, Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host on the show, disagreed and voiced her concerns about the fans’ behavior. Goldberg emphasized the importance of respecting performers and suggested that if people pay a significant amount for concert tickets, they should focus on enjoying the live performance rather than taking selfies.

In a humorous turn of events, Goldberg decided to make her point by getting up from her desk, facing the audience, and announcing that she was leaving. She then suggested taking a selfie with an audience member, playfully mocking the situation.

While the hosts on “The View” seemed to approach the topic lightheartedly, some fans of Miranda Lambert expressed dissatisfaction with the singer’s handling of the situation during her concert. The incident highlighted the ongoing debate about audience behavior and the use of smartphones during live performances.

Source: NewYorkPost