Why It Is A Good Idea To Put Salt In The Toilet? This Is Something That Plumbers Will Never Tell You

In Japan, salt is not only used as a seasoning in the kitchen but also as a cleaning agent for various rooms, including the bathroom. One of the main reasons for using salt in the toilet is its disinfecting and odor-absorbing properties. To eliminate odors, a glass of coarse salt is poured into the toilet and left overnight. The following day, a kettle of boiling water is poured into the toilet, effectively getting rid of the smell.

Coarse salt can also be used to clean clogged wastes. Similar to using salt in a dishwasher, a larger amount of salt is poured down the drain. For toilet waste, the entire bottom of the toilet is covered with salt and left overnight. Hot water is then poured down the drain to release the waste.

Yellow stains in the shower corner, bathtub, or toilet can be difficult to remove. Instead of using aggressive cleaning agents, a paste made from half a cup of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and water can be applied to the affected areas overnight. The next day, the area is brushed and rinsed.

For whitening and disinfecting the toilet bowl, salt can be sprinkled around the edges and left for a while. A brush or a special toilet brush can then be used to clean the dirt, resulting in whiter and disinfected surfaces.

Using salt as a natural cleaning agent in the toilet offers a simpler and more cost-effective solution compared to chemical cleaners. It is a method that has been practiced in Japan for a long time and has proven to be effective.

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