Wife Approaches Husband of 9 Years Saying She’s Going to Give Their 2 Daughters up for Adoption

A devoted husband, often away for work, faced a shock when his wife confessed she regretted having children and wanted to give them up for adoption. Despite being initially disappointed about not having children, the couple ended up with two daughters. The wife’s behavior changed, and she admitted not loving their children. In disbelief, the husband took his kids to his mother’s house.

He called in sick from work, avoiding his wife’s attempts to contact him. Unsure about the next steps, he consulted with his mother and considered legal and mental health professionals. The husband believed his wife might be experiencing a psychotic episode and felt uncertain about continuing the relationship.

People empathized with the husband, acknowledging the wife needed help but criticizing her for considering adoption without seeking assistance first. The husband leaned towards divorce but grappled with the challenge of raising the children alone. The situation revealed a drastic change in his wife, leaving him unsure about returning home.

In summary, a devoted husband faced a shocking revelation from his wife, who wanted to give their children up for adoption, prompting him to seek advice and consider divorce.