Woman ‘Appalled’ Over Wrapping Paper On Sale At Walgreens

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in December 2014.

A woman was horrified to discover wrapping paper with a swastika-like pattern at Walgreens, and now, a company spokesperson has responded.
According to reports, Cheryl Shapiro was shopping with her grandson in a Southern California Walgreens store when she discovered a wrapping paper that featured a pattern similar to a swastika. Horrified, she immediately reported the finding to a store employee and vowed to take her fight to the corporate level.

“I told them I wanted this taken off the shelves immediately – not just your store, but national,” Shapiro told NBC Los Angeles of the blue and white geometric-patterned wrapping paper. “I was really putting my foot down because I was appalled by this.”

Photo Source: NBC Los Angeles, Wikimedia Commons

Shapiro says she wasn’t the only one shocked by the wrapping paper.

Now, a Walgreens spokesperson has responded, saying that the company is investigating the product. NBC Los Angeles reports that the wrapping paper is also being sold at another nearby Walgreens location.

Sources: NBC Los AngelesWhatrends.com