Woman Kicked Out Of Family Restaurant Over ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit, Says Her Race Played A Role

Aireal Bonner claimed she was mistreated and kicked out of a Birmingham restaurant, Southern Kitchen & Bar, over her attire. She refused to cover her crocheted top, which the restaurant deemed a “bikini top” violating its dress code, and was asked to leave. The manager threatened to call the police if she didn’t comply.

In a Facebook video, Bonner questioned the dress code notice, but the manager said it wasn’t required to be posted as the restaurant is private. Though offered a t-shirt, she declined to put it on. Later, Bonner suggested that her clothing was an excuse and that her Afro-centric appearance might be the real reason behind the incident.

The restaurant issued an apology, stating that the attempt to enforce the dress code was poorly timed, and they would establish stricter protocols. However, Bonner rejected the apology and urged negative reviews on Yelp, leading to the removal of the restaurant’s page.

Alabama Rally Against Injustice scheduled a protest, asserting that while private businesses have the right to set their rules, discrimination will not be tolerated. They pointed out that the restaurant had pictures of other women in similar clothing on its social media page.