Woman left humiliated by nail salon after they refused to touch her hands

A California nail salon visit turned humiliating for Jennifer Dreyer Brown due to her lupus. Happy Nails staff in Laguna Niguel treated her unfairly due to her autoimmune disease, which causes severe rashes when exposed to sunlight. Jennifer, expecting a relaxing pampering session, realized they were gossiping about her during her pedicure.

For the manicure, they claimed there was only time for a quick polish due to her skin condition, despite her lack of visible scars. Distressed and embarrassed, Jennifer shared her experience on Facebook to raise awareness.

The salon’s attorney defended the staff, citing California Board of Cosmetology rules against servicing inflamed or broken skin. They emphasized no intent to discriminate and stressed that Happy Nails does not discriminate; workers must follow the law.

Though a regular customer, Jennifer won’t return, hoping her story raises lupus awareness and prevents future discrimination. Her message is simple: “Be nice to people; you don’t know what’s going on inside or outside.”

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