Woman Refuses to Accommodate Homeless Son with 3 Kids in Her Home, Comes to Him Begging for Shelter Years Later

The summer was sultry and difficult. I, a young mother of three young sons, had difficulty coping with financial difficulties after the divorce. My mom, Jenny, lived a few blocks away from us, but we had disagreements and she rarely spent time with her grandchildren. The arguments became more and more frequent, and finally, one summer evening, she literally kicked me and the children out of her house.

At that moment, my sons and I found ourselves on the street without a roof over our heads. Fear, despair and bitterness filled my heart. I was alone in an unknown world, and I needed to provide shelter and food for my children.

The next few months were a real struggle. We lived in cheap motels, almost on the verge of survival. I worked several low-paying jobs to provide for our family. My sons, little fighters, despite the difficulties, continued to study and grow.

Years have passed. My sons have grown up, and I still did everything to ensure a better future for them. Despite all the difficulties and hard work, there were moments of happiness and improvement.

And then one day, when I was returning home after a long shift, I saw Jenny’s mother at the door of our modest apartment. She stood there with tears in her eyes and a look of regret on her face. Her grief and remorse were sincere.

She said that she was mistaken, and realized that she acted with hot emotions when she drove me and the children away. She apologized to me and offered to help. It was a difficult moment for me, but I knew that hatred and anger do not bring anything good.

I accepted her apology and offer of help. Jenny’s mom entered the life of her grandchildren, began to take care of them and tried to make up for lost time. We have not forgotten our difficult past life, but we have also realized that love and forgiveness can change people and lead to healing.