A Reddit user shared a frustrating experience where her fiancé, uncomfortable with her 30% salary raise, repeatedly tricked her into paying for him and his friends during outings. Despite her clear refusal on a particular occasion, he whispered that she would cover the bill mid-meal. Fed up, she paid only for her portion, sneaked out, and went home, leaving him to handle the remaining bill.

Upon receiving calls and texts from her fiancé, she expressed her displeasure with being manipulated into paying for his and his friends’ meals. An argument ensued, with him berating her as selfish, irrational, and childish for leaving him with an unpaid bill.

The situation escalated into a loud argument, leading to her fiancé walking out. He later informed her that his friends, disappointed in her behavior, advised him to reflect on their relationship. The user, caught in a challenging dynamic, sought support from the online community in navigating this financial and emotional struggle.