Woman Swerves To Miss Trash Bag In Road, Looks Closer And Gets The Chills

Small changes in routine can lead to significant outcomes. For Kentucky schoolteacher Malissa Sergent Lewis, a different route to work one summer morning in 2016 proved just that.

Running late, Malissa took a back road instead of her usual highway route. She stumbled upon an abandoned trash bag that seemed to move. Curiosity led her to investigate, and inside, she found a puppy confined in the bag.

Unable to leave the helpless pup behind, Malissa brought it to work and eventually adopted it with her family. Despite efforts to find the owner, no one claimed the puppy. This heartwarming encounter altered the puppy’s fate.

Malissa’s kindness reminds us of those who tirelessly work to improve the lives of neglected animals. Share this story to celebrate individuals like Malissa who bring hope and love to animals in need.